A Strong Binding Knot

Today we have many concepts of what it means to love a women or a man.  We have holidays such as Valentine’s Day.  We have wedding anniversaries, celebration of spouse’s birthday.  Some husbands buy their wife flowers.  Some buy expensive jewelry.  Although these actions can display your love for your spouse, what happens to the rest of your life?  Is our love for display on rare occasions or holidays only?

For a marriage to be strong, love needs to be professed constantly and in everyday life.  We can study the love story between Prophet Muhammad (SWS) and Aisha (RA) as the supreme example of love between spouses.

Prophet Muhammad (SWS) has been recognized as the most influential individual in the history of mankind.  After all he was Allah’s gift to all of humanity.  As Allah says that he is the Rehmatul Lil Alameen.  A mercy to all of mankind (Muslim or non-Muslim).  Prophet Muhammad (SWS) excelled as an orator, a warrior, a politician, a civil rights activist, a philanthropist.  At the same time he was the greatest husband who demonstrated to us how to love your wife.

Lessons can be derived from the life of Prophet SWS regarding this topic which we do not discuss very often.  Do we consider this to be a taboo topic?  If so, why?  Let’s take a glimpse into the intimate, romantic moments between Prophet Muhammad (SWS) and Aisha (RA) to learn.

The prophet SWS would kiss Aisha (RA), each time he leaves the house or exits to lead the daily prayers; every time and every day! Despite all his duties and responsibilities for the final message, the prophet SWS would still find time for Aisha (RA); special moments for her. And in those special moments, he SWS would only think about the things Aisha (RA) would love and enjoy. Like what? Racing for instance!

He SAW used to take Aisha (RA) for a romantic walk in the desert, and then he would tell her “Aisha (RA), let’s race!”, and the first time she won. Then later on, Aisha (RA)  gained weight, and raced the prophet SWS again, but this time he won and jokingly told her “This time I won!”.

The prophet SAW used code language to denote his love for Aisha (RA) . She once asked him how he would describe his love for her. Now please pause for a moment, and try to think of the most romantic words to describe your love for your husband/wife? Seriously, Do it! The prophet used four words to describe his love for Aisha (RA) as follows “Like a strong binding knot” (The more you tug,the stronger it gets). And the beauty of this love story isn’t just about how the prophet SAW described his love for Aisha (RA), but also about how she cherished it! Every once in a while Aisha (RA) would playfully ask “How is the knot?” and the Prophet would answer “As strong as the first day (you asked)”.

The prophet SAW stopped a whole army, in times of hostility in the desert, to look for Aisha (RA)’s misplaced bead necklace. Now this is love! The prophet used to mend his clothes and look after the domestic affairs of Aisha (RA)’s household, to make life easier for her. That is love!

Now let us ponder upon one of the most romantic scenes between prophet Muhammed SAW and his beloved Aisha (RA). Once the prophet was fixing his shoes and Aisha (RA) happened to look to his blessed forehead and noticed that there were beads of sweat on it. Mesmerized by the beauty of her beloved husband, Aisha (RA) remained transfixed staring at him long enough until the prophet noticed. So he asked her “what’s the matter?” Aisha (RA) replied “If Abu Bukair, the poet, saw you, he would know that his poem was written for you”.

Aisha (RA) explained “Abu Bukair said that if you looked to the majesty of the moon, it twinkles and lights up the world for everybody to see”. Wallahi the words would make any sane and sensitive person cry of joy. Yes indeed, he SAW was as beautiful as the moon lighting for us.

And would you think this romantic scene ended there? Then you’re terribly wrong, because theirs was a non-stop love story full of romance. The Prophet SWS got up, walked to Aisha (RA), kissed her between the eyes, and told her “Wallahi ya Aisha,you are like that to me and more”.

That is a love story we should aspire to instill in our marriage weather we are newlyweds or have been married for some time.  Our bodies may age but our love for our spouse is within the heart and soul which does not age.  So love your spouse daily.  Turn the redundant moments into romantic ones. Learn from the greatest love story of all time.


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